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Time to Shift from MS Word to Pages

To have a better writing experience other than what Microsoft Word offers you must try Pages. This is an improved type of MS Office, tailor made for Macintosh users, created by Apple. If you have documents to edit, even movies, photos, eBooks, and charts, then you must have Pages on your Apple computer. True, you might have grown accustomed to Word by now, but why not give it a go? Here is why you should try Pages on your Macintosh. Not convinced? The Slavic Script will give it a shot himself. “Chocking Throat”, Ahhm Ahmm. Ok, let’s go:


You may be used to using Microsoft Word, but with Pages you will have a richer writing experience with a more stylish atmosphere. The moment you switch from MS Word to Pages, you can see the difference in style right away and text editing right away. Pages is simple a beauty, and a far better suit for Mac.


Simply put, Pages is Apple’s Microsoft Word, but only better. It’s the Macintosh solution to Office. This is Apple’s iWork package that can be called as the MS office of Mac. Comparing MS Office and Mac apps, Pages is for the word processor, Numbers is spreadsheet, and Keynote is the counterpart of PowerPoint.


Pages for Mac is very easy to use and to master. It has functionalities that are basically the same with MS Office. This means, if you are familiar with MS Office, you can easily get the hang of using Pages on Mac. As you go on, you will notice that it has different features that are very cool and fun which don’t exist at Office at all. Not only that, but Pages is easier to manage and operate. This is the thing that many Mac users hate, the lack of Mac compatibility in programs designed especially for Windows. This is the very reason why Apple made this software, and apparently got it right this time around.


Veteran authors,  amateur authors, or those who write because they have to, even if they don’t want to can use Pages. It even has features that can help you write better or improve your writing skills. So give it a go, you might be surprised. What do you say? Convinced yet?