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Lori Beth Denberg’s Weight Loss isn’t Visible, but She Still Looks Adorable

Do you still remember Lori Beth Denberg? She starred in All That, a hit show that ran during the 90’s. Since the show ended, we barely saw this child star. She appeared here and there, but she started stepping away from the limelight. Lori Beth Denberg’s weight loss seems not a thing as she is still a plus size, but she is still cute nonetheless.

Lori Beth appeared in Nickelodeon’s hit series, All That, in the 90’s. The show was really popular that it even launched his co-star, Keenan Thompson, to stardom.

She used to be made fun of because of her weight. She struggled because of it as she was growing up. Hence, she started moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

The cast of All That had a reunion at Comic-con and it was epic. Even Lori Beth was there to join her friends.

As the show ended, Lori Beth stepped away from the limelight. Now, she is an ordained minister who provides customized services for couples.

She was spotted in some shows recently, with an episode for Workaholics in 2012, being her biggest TV appearance.

It doesn’t seem like a lot has changed since Lori Beth left the show. She is still plus size, but she seems to have learned how to embrace her body.

It’s been years since Lori Beth starred in the 90’s hit show, but she still looks adorable as always. She looks even more confident now.

Lori Beth said that she is now happy as an ordained minister and away from the spotlight. She works on some projects, which she may also appear in.

It’s been many years since the show ended, but some fans still recognize her. She is touched when people tell her she has been a part of their childhood.

Lori Beth was a really funny character in her show. Now, she is more serious, but she still looks adorable and sweet.