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Interesting Facts about Cheetahs – What kids need to know

Cheetahs are always distinguished as a big part of the cat family. While it is true that they do not have the ability to climb trees, they are known for being fast runners. They are in the first place in doing this of all the land animals around. There are still other interesting facts about cheetahs. What are these?

As mentioned, cheetahs are known for being the fastest land animal to ever grace the face of the earth. They may go to a speed of 113 km per hour without having a hard time at all. Its acceleration is also commendable. It can start from 0 then to 113 km. This is how it can be in a matter of seconds. Needless to say, these cheetahs are fast movers. However, it has been observed that they can get tired quickly as well. They normally feel this whenever they have to make sure that their speed is kept on top. This is done by them in a matter of seconds prior to them continuing. When it comes to the built, cheetahs have always been way smaller than the other inclusions in the cat family. They can weigh for around 45 go even 60 kgs.

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Cheetahs are not hard to identify physically because they have long and black lines. These typically run from the inside of every mouth there is. These are dubbed as their tear lines. There are scientists out there who want to believe that the mentioned helps in the protection of the eyes of the cheetahs whenever the harsh of the sun unfolds. This is also a chance for them to see even in very long distances.

Another unique quality cheetahs have is that despite their big profile, they cannot roar. They have the ability to purr though. This can be heard as they groom or sit around other cheetahs in the area.

Hunting concerning leopards and lions happen at night. However, for cheetahs, it is the opposite because they find their food during broad day light. This transpires because they tend to have the clearest eye sight during such time. They may even spot and hold on to a prey even if it is like 5 km away. With this, it can be summed up that cheetahs are most likely to have a hard time coming in on a tree and this is it because of the very poor night vision it is packed along with.

The blunt claws and light body weight of the animal is designed so that cheetahs can protect themselves from other prey. There are still other animals which are larger. They can also be way too aggressive animals that they can eat them up whole. Whenever they feel this, they will compromise by giving up their search for food. This is what they can go through just for the fight not to happen. As for their drinking, they only need this for every three, or even four days. This is how the interval maybe. These are the interesting facts about cheetahs.